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To the memory of Miss Ellen Gee, of Kew, who died in consequence of
being stung in the eye.

Peerless yet hapless maid of Q!
    Accomplish'd LN G!
Never again shall I and U
    Together sip our T.

For, ah! the Fates I know not Y,
    Sent 'midst the flowers a B,
Which ven'mous stung her in the I,
    So that she could not C.

LN exclaim'd, "Vile spiteful B!
    If ever I catch U
On jess'mine, rosebud, or sweet P,
    I'll change your singing Q.

"I'll send you like a lamb or U
    Across th' Atlantic C.
From our delightful village Q
    To distant O Y E.

"A stream runs from my wounded I,
    Salt as the briny C
As rapid as the X or Y,
    The OIO or D.

"Then fare thee ill, insensate B!
    Who stung, nor yet knew Y,
Since not for wealthy Durham's C
    Would I have lost my I."

They bear with tears fair LN G
    In funeral R A,
A clay-cold corse now doom'd to B
    Whilst I mourn her DK.
Ye nymphs of Q, then shun each B,
    List to the reason Y;
For should A B C U at T,
    He'll surely sting your I.

Now in a grave L deep in Q,
    She's cold as cold can B,
Whilst robins sing upon A U
    Her dirge and LEG.


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