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Category: Funny Banter Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems in a playful, teasing, and good-natured way.


I wrote some lines once on a time
    In wondrous merry mood,
And thought, as usual, men would say
    They were exceeding good.

They were so queer, so very queer,
    I laughed as I would die;
Albeit, in the general way,
    A sober man am I.

I called my servant, and he came;
    How kind it was of him,
To mind a slender man like me,
    He of the mighty limb!

"These to the printer," I exclaimed,
    And, in my humorous way,
I added (as a trifling jest),
    "There'll be the devil to pay."

He took the paper, and I watched,
    And saw him peep within;
At the first line he read, his face
    Was all upon a grin.

He read the next, the grin grew broad,
    And shot from ear to ear;
He read the third, a chuckling noise
    I now began to hear.

The fourth, he broke into a roar;
    The fifth, his waistband split;
The sixth, he burst five buttons off,
    And tumbled in a fit.

Ten days and nights, with sleepless eye,
    I watched that wretched man,
And since, I never dare to write
    As funny as I can.

                Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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