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Category: Funny Banter Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems in a playful, teasing, and good-natured way.


There be two men of all mankind
    That I should like to know about;
But search and question where I will,
    I cannot ever find them out.

Melchizedek he praised the Lord,
    And gave some wine to Abraham;
But who can tell what else he did
    Must be more learned than I am.

Ucalegon he lost his house
    When Agamemnon came to Troy;
But who can tell me who he was--
    I'll pray the gods to give him joy.

There be two men of all mankind
    That I'm forever thinking on;
They chase me everywhere I go,--
    Melchizedek, Ucalegon.

         Edwin Arlington Robinson.

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