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Category: Funny Bathos Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems ranging from the sublime to the trivial and ridiculous.


I have watch'd thee with rapture, and dwelt on thy charms,
    As link'd in Love's fetters we wander'd each day;
And each night I have sought a new life in thy arms,
    And sigh'd that our union could last not for aye.

But thy life now depends on a frail silken thread,
    Which I even by kindness may cruelly sever,
And I look to the moment of parting with dread,
    For I feel that in parting I lose thee forever.
Sole being that cherish'd my poor troubled heart!
    Thou know'st all its secrets--each joy and each grief;
And in sharing them all thou did'st ever impart
    To its sorrows a gentle and soothing relief.

The last of a long and affectionate race,
    As thy days are declining I love thee the more,
For I feel that thy loss I can never replace--
    That thy death will but leave me to weep and deplore.

Unchanged, thou shalt live in the mem'ry of years,
    I cannot--I will not--forget what thou wert!
While the thoughts of thy love as they call forth my tears,
    In fancy will wash thee once more--|My Last Shirt|.

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