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Category: Funny Burlesque Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using comic imitation and exaggeration in an absurd way.


I cannot sing the old songs,
    Though well I know the tune,
Familiar as a cradle-song
    With sleep-compelling croon;
Yet though I'm filled with music
    As choirs of summer birds
"I cannot sing the old songs"--
    I do not know the words.

I start on "Hail Columbia,"
    And get to "heav'n-born band,"
And there I strike an up-grade
    With neither steam nor sand;
"Star Spangled Banner" downs me
    Right in my wildest screaming,
I start all right, but dumbly come
    To voiceless wreck at "streaming."

So, when I sing the old songs,
    Don't murmur or complain
If "Ti, diddy ah da, tum dum,"
    Should fill the sweetest strain.
I love "Tolly um dum di do,"
    And the "trilla-la yeep da" birds,
But "I cannot sing the old songs"--
    I do not know the words.

                            Robert J. Burdette.

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