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Category: Funny Epigrams Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems. An epigram is a pithy saying or remark to express an idea in an amusing way, short and satirical with witty endings.


Of all the men one meets about,
    There's none like Jack--he's everywhere:
At church--park--auction--dinner--rout--
    Go when and where you will, he's there.
Try the West End, he's at your back--
    Meets you, like Eurus, in the East--
You're call'd upon for "How do, Jack?"
    One hundred times a day, at least.
A friend of his one evening said,
    As home he took his pensive way,
"Upon my soul, I fear Jack's dead--
    I've seen him but three times to-day!"

                                                 Thomas Moore.

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