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Category: Funny Juniors Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems for children, about kids, and for kids of all shapes and sizes.


With chocolate-cream that you buy in the cake
Large mouthfuls and hurry are quite a mistake.

Wise persons prolong it as long as they can
But putting in practice this excellent plan.

The cream from the chocolate lining they dig
With a Runaway match or a clean little twig.

Many hundreds,--nay, thousands--of scoopings they make
Before they've exhausted a twopenny cake.

With ices 'tis equally wrongful to haste;
You ought to go slowly and dwell on each taste.

Large mouthfuls are painful, as well as unwise,
For they lead to an ache at the back of the eyes.

And the delicate sip is e'en better, one finds,
If the ice is a mixture of different kinds.


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