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Category: Funny Parody Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using parody - an imitation of a writer, artist, or genre, with exaggeration for comic effect.


Mary had a little lamb,
    Its fleece was white as snow,--
And everywhere that Mary went
    The lamb was sure to go.

(As Austin Dobson writes it.)


A little lamb had Mary, sweet,
    With a fleece that shamed the driven snow.
Not alone Mary went when she moved her feet
(For a little lamb had Mary, sweet),
And it tagged her 'round with a pensive bleat,
    And wherever she went it wanted to go;
A little lamb had Mary, sweet,
    With a fleece that shamed the driven snow.

(As Mr. Browning has it.)

You knew her?--Mary the small,
How of a summer,--or, no, was it fall?
You'd never have thought it, never believed,
But the girl owned a lamb last fall.

Its wool was subtly, silky white,
Color of lucent obliteration of night,
Like the shimmering snow or--our Clothild's arm!
You've seen her arm--her right, I mean--
The other she scalded a-washing, I ween--
How white it is and soft and warm?

Ah, there was soul's heart-love, deep, true, and tender,
Wherever went Mary, the maiden so slender,
There followed, his all-absorbed passion, inciting,
That passionate lambkin--her soul's heart delighting--
Ay, every place that Mary sought in,
That lamb was sure to soon be caught in.

(As Longfellow might have done it.)

Fair the daughter known as Mary,
Fair and full of fun and laughter,
Owned a lamb, a little he-goat,
Owned him all herself and solely.
White the lamb's wool as the Gotchi--
The great Gotchi, driving snowstorm.
Hither Mary went and thither,
But went with her to all places,
Sure as brook to run to river,
Her pet lambkin following with her.

    (How Andrew Lang sings it.)


A wonderful lass was Marie, petite,
And she looked full fair and passing sweet--
    And, oh! she owned--but cannot you guess
    What pet can a maiden so love and caress
As a tiny lamb with a plaintive bleat

And mud upon his dainty feet
And a gentle veally odour of meat,
    And a fleece to finger and kiss and press--
                        White as snow?

Wherever she wandered, in lane or street,
As she sauntered on, there at her feet
    She would find that lambkin--bless
    The dear!--treading on her dainty dress,
Her dainty dress, fresh and neat--
                        White as snow!

(Mr. Algernon C. Swinburne's idea.)


Dewy-eyed with shimmering hair,
    Maiden and lamb were a sight to see,
For her pet was white as she was fair.

And its lovely fleece was beyond compare,
    And dearly it loved its Mistress Marie,
Dewy-eyed, with shimmering hair.

Its warped wool was an inwove snare,
    To tangle her fingers in, where they could be
(For her pet was white as she was fair).

Lost from sight, both so snow-white were,
    And the lambkin adored the maiden wee,
Dewy-eyed with shimmering hair.

Th' impassioned incarnation of rare,
    Of limpid-eyed, luscious-lipped, loved beauty,
And her pet was white as she was fair.

Wherever she wandered, hither and there,
    Wildly that lambkin sought with her to be,
With the dewy-eyed, with shimmering hair,
And a pet as white as its mistress was fair.

                                                         A. C. Wilkie.

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