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Category: Funny Parody Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using parody - an imitation of a writer, artist, or genre, with exaggeration for comic effect.


It was many and many a year ago,
    On an island near the sea,
That a maiden lived whom you mightn't know
    By the name of Cannibalee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
    Than a passionate fondness for me.

I was a child, and she was a child--
    Tho' her tastes were adult Feejee--
But she loved with a love that was more than love,
    My yearning Cannibalee;
With a love that could take me roast or fried
    Or raw, as the case might be.

And that is the reason that long ago,
    In that island near the sea,
I had to turn the tables and eat
    My ardent Cannibalee--
Not really because I was fond of her,
    But to check her fondness for me.

But the stars never rise but I think of the size
    Of my hot-potted Cannibalee,
And the moon never stares but it brings me nightmares
    Of my spare-rib Cannibalee;
And all the night-tide she is restless inside,
Is my still indigestible dinner-belle bride,
In her pallid tomb, which is Me,
In her solemn sepulcher, Me.

                                 C. F. Lummis.

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