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Category: Funny Parody Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using parody - an imitation of a writer, artist, or genre, with exaggeration for comic effect.

  MY FOE  

John Alcohol, my foe, John,
    When we were first acquaint,
I'd siller in my pockets, John,
    Which noo, ye ken, I want;
I spent it all in treating, John,
    Because I loved you so;
But mark ye, how you've treated me,
    John Alcohol, my foe.

John Alcohol, my foe, John,
    We've been ower lang together,
Sae ye maun tak' ae road, John,
    And I will take anither;
For we maun tumble down, John,
    If hand in hand we go;
And I shall hae the bill to pay,
    John Alcohol, my foe.

John Alcohol, my foe, John,
    Ye've blear'd out a' my een,
And lighted up my nose, John,
    A fiery sign atween!
My hands wi' palsy shake, John,
    My locks are like the snow;
Ye'll surely be the death of me,
    John Alcohol, my foe.

John Alcohol, my foe, John,
    'Twas love to you, I ween,
That gart me rise sae ear', John,
    And sit sae late at e'en;
The best o' friens maun part, John,
    It grieves me sair, ye know;
But "we'll nae mair to yon town,"
    John Alcohol, my foe.

John Alcohol, my foe, John,
    Ye've wrought me muckle skaith;
And yet to part wi' you, John,
    I own I'm unko' laith;
But I'll join the temperance ranks, John,
    Ye needna say me no;
It's better late than ne'er do weel,
    John Alcohol, my foe.


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