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Category: Funny Parody Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using parody - an imitation of a writer, artist, or genre, with exaggeration for comic effect.


I never rear'd a young gazelle,
    (Because, you see, I never tried);
But had it known and loved me well,
    No doubt the creature would have died.
My rich and aged Uncle John
    Has known me long and loves me well
But still persists in living on--
    I would he were a young gazelle.

I never loved a tree or flower;
    But, if I had, I beg to say
The blight, the wind, the sun, or shower
    Would soon have withered it away.
I've dearly loved my Uncle John,
    From childhood to the present hour,
And yet he will go living on--
    I would he were a tree or flower!

                                    Henry S. Leigh.

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