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Category: Funny Parody Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using parody - an imitation of a writer, artist, or genre, with exaggeration for comic effect.


Come into the Whenceness Which,
    For the fierce Because has flown:
Come into the Whenceness Which,
    I am here by the Where alone;
And the Whereas odors are wafted abroad
    Till I hold my nose and groan.

Queen Which of the Whichbud garden of What's
    Come hither the jig is done.
In gloss of Isness and shimmer of Was,
    Queen Thisness and Which in one;
Shine out, little Which, sunning over the bangs,
    To the Nowness, and be its sun.

There has fallen a splendid tear
    From the Is flower at the fence;
She is coming, my Which, my dear,
    And as she Whistles a song of the Whence,
The Nowness cries, "She is near, she is near."
    And the Thingness howls, "Alas!"
The Whoness murmurs, "Well, I should smile,"
    And the Whatlet sobs, "I pass."


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