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Category: Funny Satire Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using irony, exaggeration and ridicule, to expose and criticize stupidity and vices.


A shabby fellow chanced one day to meet
The British Roscius in the street,
    Garrick, of whom our nation justly brags;
The fellow hugged him with a kind embrace;--
"Good sir, I do not recollect your face,"
    Quoth Garrick. "No?" replied the man of rags;
"The boards of Drury you and I have trod
    Full many a time together, I am sure."
"When?" with an oath, cried Garrick, "for, by G--d,
I never saw that face of yours before!
    What characters, I pray,
    Did you and I together play?"
"Lord!" quoth the fellow, "think not that I mock--
When you played Hamlet, sir, I played the cock!"

                                                                        John Wolcot.

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