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Category: Funny Tribute Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using tribute, poetry intended to show respect, gratitude or admiration, but in a whimsical way.


Oh! I have loved thee fondly, ever
    Preferr'd thee to the choicest wine;
From thee my lips they could not sever
    By saying thou contain'dst strychnine.
Did I believe the slander? Never!
    I held thee still to be divine.

For me thy color hath a charm,
    Although 'tis true they call thee Pale;
And be thou cold when I am warm,
    As late I've been--so high the scale
Of |Fahrenheit|--and febrile harm
    Allay, refrigerating Ale!

How sweet thou art!--yet bitter, too
    And sparkling, like satiric fun;
But how much better thee to brew,
    Than a conundrum or a pun,
It is, in every point of view,
    Must be allow'd by every one.

Refresh my heart and cool my throat,
    Light, airy child of malt and hops!
That dost not stuff, engross, and bloat
    The skin, the sides, the chin, the chops,
And burst the buttons off the coat,
    Like stout and porter--fattening slops!


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