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Category: Funny Whimsical Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using whimsy. Humourosly quaint and fanciful, especially in an amusing way.


                         BY A STUTTERING LOVER

I have found out a gig-gig-gift for my fuf-fuf-fair,
    I have found where the rattlesnakes bub-bub-breed;
Will you co-co-come, and I'll show you the bub-bub-bear,
    And the lions and tit-tit-tigers at fuf-fuf-feed.

I know where the co-co-cockatoo's song
    Makes mum-mum-melody through the sweet vale;
Where the mum-monkeys gig-gig-grin all the day long,
    Or gracefully swing by the tit-tit-tit-tail.

You shall pip-play, dear, some did-did-delicate joke
    With the bub-bub-bear on the tit-tit-top of his pip-pip-pip-pole;
But observe, 'tis forbidden to pip-pip-poke
    At the bub-bub-bear with your pip-pip-pink pip-pip-pip-pip-parasol!

You shall see the huge elephant pip-pip-play,
    You shall gig-gig-gaze on the stit-stit-stately raccoon;
And then, did-did-dear, together we'll stray
    To the cage of the bub-bub-blue-faced bab-bab-boon.

You wished (I r-r-remember it well,
    And I lul-lul-loved you the m-m-more for the wish)
To witness the bub-bub-beautiful pip-pip-pelican
    swallow the l-l-live little fuf-fuf-fish!


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