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Category: Funny Whimsical Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using whimsy. Humourosly quaint and fanciful, especially in an amusing way.


In our hearts is the Great One of Avon
And we climb the cold summits once built on
                            By Milton.

But at times not the air that is rarest
                            Is fairest,
And we long in the valley to follow

Then we drop from the heights atmospheric
                            To Herrick,
Or we pour the Greek honey, grown blander,
                            Of Landor;

Or our cosiest nook in the shade is
                            Where Praed is,
Or we toss the light bells of the mocker
                            With Locker.

Oh, the song where not one of the Graces
Where we woo the sweet Muses not starchly
                            But archly,--

Where the verse, like a piper a-Maying,
                            Comes playing,--
And the rhyme is as gay as a dancer
                            In answer,--

It will last till men weary of pleasure
                            In measure!
It will last till men weary of laughter ...
                            And after!

                                                     Austin Dobson.

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