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Category: Funny Whimsical Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using whimsy. Humourosly quaint and fanciful, especially in an amusing way.


Sweet maiden of Passamaquoddy
    Shall we seek for communion of souls
Where the deep Mississippi meanders
    Or the distant Saskatchewan rolls?

Ah, no!--for in Maine I will find thee
    A sweetly sequestrated nook,
Where the far-winding Skoodoowabskooksis
    Conjoins with the Skoodoowabskook.

There wander two beautiful rivers,
    With many a winding and crook:
The one is the Skoodoowabskooksis;
    The other, the Skoodoowabskook.

Ah, sweetest of haunts! though unmentioned
    In geography, atlas, or book,
How fair is the Skoodoowabskooksis,
    When joining the Skoodoowabskook!

Our cot shall be close by the waters,
    Within that sequestrated nook,
Reflected by Skoodoowabskooksis,
    And mirrored in Skoodoowabskook.

You shall sleep to the music of leaflets,
    By zephyrs in wantonness shook,
To dream of the Skoodoowabskooksis,
    And, perhaps, of the Skoodoowabskook.

Your food shall be fish from the waters,
    Drawn forth on the point of a hook,
From murmuring Skoodoowabskooksis,
    Or meandering Skoodoowabskook.

You shall quaff the most sparkling of waters,
    Drawn forth from a silvery brook,
Which flows to the Skoodoowabskooksis,
    And so to the Skoodoowabskook.

And you shall preside at the banquet,
    And I shall wait on you as cook;
And we'll talk of the Skoodoowabskooksis,
    And sing of the Skoodoowabskook.

Let others sing loudly of Saco,
    Of Quoddy and Tattamagouche,
Of Kenebeccasis and Quaco,
    Of Merigoniche and Buctouche,

Of Nashwaak and Magaguadavique,
    Or Memmerimammericook:--
There's none like the Skoodoowabskooksis,
    Excepting the Skoodoowabskook!


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