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Category: Funny Whimsical Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using whimsy. Humourosly quaint and fanciful, especially in an amusing way.


First there's the Bible,
    And then the Koran,
Odgers on Libel,
    Pope's Essay on Man,
Confessions of Rousseau,
    The Essays of Lamb,
Robinson Crusoe
    And Omar Khayyam,
Volumes of Shelley
    And Venerable Bede,
    And Captain Mayne Reid,
Fox upon Martyrs
    And Liddell and Scott,
Stubbs on the Charters,
    The works of La Motte,
The Seasons by Thomson,
    And Paul de Verlaine,
Theodore Mommsen
    And Clemens (Mark Twain),
The Rocks of Hugh Miller,
    The Mill on the Floss,
The Poems of Schiller,
    The Iliados,
Don Quixote (Cervantes),
    La Pucelle by Voltaire,
Inferno (that's Dante's),
    And Vanity Fair,
And Baron Munchausen,
    Mademoiselle De Maupin,
The Dramas of Marlowe,
    The Three Musketeers,
Clarissa Harlowe,
    And the Pioneers,
Sterne's Tristram Shandy,
    The Ring and the Book,
And Handy Andy,
    And Captain Cook,
The Plato of Jowett,
    And Mill's Pol. Econ.,
The Haunts of Howitt,
    The Encheiridion,
Lothair by Disraeli,
    And Boccaccio,
The Student's Paley,
    And Westward Ho!
The Pharmacop[oe]ia,
    Macaulay's Lays,
Of course The Medea,
    And Sheridan's Plays,
The Odes of Horace,
    And Verdant Green,
The Poems of Morris,
    The Faery Queen,
The Stones of Venice,
    Natural History (White's),
And then Pendennis,
    The Arabian Nights,
Cicero's Orations,
    Plain Tales from the Hills,
The Wealth of Nations,
    And Byles on Bills,
As in a Glass Darkly,
    Demosthenes' Crown,
The Treatise of Berkeley,
    Tom Hughes's Tom Brown,
The Mahabharata,
    The Humour of Hook,
The Kreutzer Sonata,
    And Lalla Rookh,
Great Battles by Creasy,
    And Hudibras,
And Midshipman Easy,
    And Rasselas,
Shakespeare in extenso
    And the Aeneid,
And Euclid (Colenso),
    The Woman who Did,
Poe's Tales of Mystery,
    Then Rabelais,
Guizot's French History,
    And Men of the Day,
Rienzi, by Lytton,
    The Poems of Burns,
The Story of Britain,
    The Journey (that's Sterne's),
The House of Seven Gables,
    Carroll's Looking-glass,
Aesop his Fables,
    And Leaves of Grass,
Departmental Ditties,
    The Woman in White,
The Tale of Two Cities,
    Ships that Pass in the Night,
Meredith's Feverel,
    Gibbon's Decline,
Walter Scott's Peveril,
    And--some verses of mine.

                Mostyn T. Pigott.

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