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Category: Funny Women Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems for women, and about women. The good, the bad, and the lovely.


She went round and asked subscriptions
For the heathen black Egyptians
And the Terra del Fuegians,
        She did;
For the tribes round Athabasca,
And the men of Madagascar,
And the poor souls of Alaska,
        So she did;
She longed, she said, to buy
Jelly, cake, and jam, and pie,
For the Anthropophagi,
        So she did.

Her heart ached for the Australians
And the Borriobooli-Ghalians,
And the poor dear Amahagger,
        Yes, it did;
And she loved the black Numidian,
And the ebon Abyssinian,
And the charcoal-coloured Guinean,
        Oh, she did!
And she said she'd cross the seas
With a ship of bread and cheese
For those starving Chimpanzees,
        So she did.

How she loved the cold Norwegian
And the poor half-melted Feejeean,
And the dear Molucca Islander,
        She did:
She sent tins of red tomato
To the tribes beyond the Equator,
But her husband ate potato,
        So he did;
The poor helpless, homeless thing
(My voice falters as I sing)
Tied his clothes up with a string,
        Yes, he did.


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