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Category: Funny Animal Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems about animals, snakes, lions, cats, birds, frogs, and more.


The saddest fish that swims the briny ocean,
    The Catfish I bewail.
I cannot even think without emotion
    Of his distressful tail.
When with my pencil once I tried to draw one,
    (I dare not show it here)
Mayhap it is because I never saw one,
    The picture looked so queer.
I vision him half feline and half fishy,
    A paradox in twins,
Unmixable as vitriol and vichy--
    A thing of fur and fins.
A feline Tantalus, forever chasing
    His fishy self to rend;
His finny self forever self-effacing
    In circles without end.
This tale may have a Moral running through it
    Aesop had in his;
If so, dear reader, you are welcome to it,
    If you know what it is!

                                                 Oliver Herford.

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