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Category: Funny Banter Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems in a playful, teasing, and good-natured way.


A soldier of the Russians
    Lay japanned at Tschrtzvkjskivitch,
There was lack of woman's nursing
    And other comforts which
Might add to his last moments
    And smooth the final way;--
But a comrade stood beside him
    To hear what he might say.
The japanned Russian faltered
    As he took that comrade's hand,
And he said: "I never more shall see
    My own, my native land;
Take a message and a token
    To some distant friends of mine,
For I was born at Smnlxzrskgqrxzski,
    Fair Smnlxzrskgqrxzski on the Irkztrvzkimnov."

                                                                W. J. Lampton.

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