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Category: Funny Burlesque Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using comic imitation and exaggeration in an absurd way.

  A LOVE PLAYNT--1370  

To yow, my Purse, and to noon other wighte,
    Complayne I, for ye be my lady dere!
I am so sorry now that ye been lyghte,
    For, certes, yf ye make me hevy chere,
    Me were as leef be layde upon my beere.
For whiche unto your mercie thus I crye,
Beethe hevy ageyne, or elles mote I die!

Now voucheth sauf this day, or hyt be nighte,
    That I of yow the blissful soun may here,
Or see your colour lyke the sunne brighte,
    That of yellÚwnesse hadde never pere.
    Ye be my lyf! ye be myn herty's stere!
Quene of comfort and good companye!
Beethe hevy ageyne, or elles mote I die!

Now, Purse! that ben to me my lyve's lyghte,
    And surety as doune in this world here,
Out of this toune help me through your myghte,
    Syn that you wole not bene my tresorere;
    For I am shave as nigh as is a frere.
But I pray unto your curtesye,
Beethe hevy ageyne, or elles mote I die!

                                             Godfrey Turner.

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