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Category: Funny Love and Courtship Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems about love, courtship, marriage, and true love. Short poems, love poems, and romantic poems.


Lady mine, most fair thou art
    With youth's gold and white and red;
'Tis a pity that thy heart
    Is so much harder than thy head.

This has stayed my kisses oft,
    This from all thy charms debarr'd,
That thy head is strangely soft,
    While thy heart is strangely hard.

Nothing had kept us apart--
    I had loved thee, I had wed--
Hadst thou had a softer heart
    Or a harder head.

But I think I'll bear Love's smart
    Till the wound has healed and fled,
Or thy head is like thy heart,
    Or thy heart is like thy head.

                                 H. E. Clarke.

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