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Category: Funny Nonsense Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems, absurd and whimsical, foolish, no meaning, nonsense, and generally not making a lot of sense.


The woggly bird sat on the whango tree,
    Nooping the rinkum corn,
And graper and graper, alas! grew he,
    And cursed the day he was born.
His crute was clum and his voice was rum,
    As curiously thus sang he,
"Oh, would I'd been rammed and eternally clammed
    Ere I perched on this whango tree."

Now the whango tree had a bubbly thorn,
    As sharp as a nootie's bill,
And it stuck in the woggly bird's umptum lorn
    And weepadge, the smart did thrill.
He fumbled and cursed, but that wasn't the worst,
    For he couldn't at all get free,
And he cried, "I am gammed, and injustibly nammed
    On the luggardly whango tree."

And there he sits still, with no worm in his bill,
    Nor no guggledom in his nest;
He is hungry and bare, and gobliddered with care,
    And his grabbles give him no rest;
He is weary and sore and his tugmut is soar,
    And nothing to nob has he,
As he chirps, "I am blammed and corruptibly jammed,
    In this cuggerdom whango tree."


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