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Category: Funny Whimsical Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems using whimsy. Humourosly quaint and fanciful, especially in an amusing way.


                            Dear maid, let me speak
                                What I never yet spoke:
                            You have made my heart squeak
                                As it never yet squoke,
And for sight of you, both my eyes ache as they ne'er before oak.

                        With your voice my ears ring,
                            And a sweeter ne'er rung,
                        Like a bird's on the wing
                            When at morn it has wung.
And gladness to me it doth bring, such as never voice brung.

                        My feelings I'd write,
                            But they cannot be wrote,
                        And who can indite
                            What was never indote!
And my love I hasten to plight--the first that I plote.

                        Yes, you would I choose,
                            Whom I long ago chose,
                        And my fond spirit sues
                            As it never yet sose,
And ever on you do I muse, as never man mose.

                        The house where you bide
                            Is a blessed abode;
                        Sure, my hopes I can't hide,
                            For they will not be hode,
And no person living has sighed, as, darling, I've sode.

                        Your glances they shine
                            As no others have shone,
                        And all else I'd resign
                            That a man could resone,
And surely no other could pine as I lately have pone.

                        And don't you forget
                            You will ne'er be forgot,
                        You never should fret
                            As at times you have frot,
I would chase all the cares that beset, if they ever besot.

                        For you I would weave
                            Songs that never were wove,
                        And deeds I'd achieve
                            Which no man yet achove,
And for me you never should grieve, as for you I have grove.

                        I'm as worthy a catch
                            As ever, was caught.
                        O, your answer I watch
                            As a man never waught,
And we'd make the most elegant match as ever was maught.

                        Let my longings not sink;
                            I would die if they sunk.
                        O, I ask you to think
                            As you never have thunk,
And our fortunes and lives let us link, as no lives could be lunk.

                                                                                                     A. W. Bellow.

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