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Category: Funny Women Poems
       Classic humorous and funny poems for women, and about women. The good, the bad, and the lovely.


O reverend sir, I do declare
    It drives me most to frenzy,
To think of you a-lying there
    Down sick with influenzy.

A body'd thought it was enough
    To mourn your wife's departer,
Without sich trouble as this ere
    To come a-follerin' arter.

But sickness and affliction
    Are sent by a wise creation,
And always ought to be underwent
    By patience and resignation.

O, I could to your bedside fly,
    And wipe your weeping eyes,
And do my best to cure you up,
    If 'twouldn't create surprise.

It's a world of trouble we tarry in,
    But, Elder, don't despair;
That you may soon be movin' again
    Is constantly my prayer.

Both sick and well, you may depend
    You'll never be forgot
By your faithful and affectionate friend,
    |Priscilla Pool Bedott|.

                             Frances Miriam Whitcher.

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